Where does modla fit?

Modla fills a unique hole in the asset management landscape by providing a streamlined way to capture and analyse asset knowledge.

Modla is a knowledge capture and analytical service that can also be used as a learning resource.

We enable better decision making through leveraging of data, causal models, and codified expertise in our RCMD framework.

Knowledge capture

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) are great for capturing Level 1 Information.

Some examples of level 1 information include:

  • Asset's attributes,
  • Condition assessment results,
  • Costs of replacement etc.

If our goal is to improve our understanding of an asset's performance, to automate decision making, and make better predictions, we must capture more than just "What is".

Building a causal model (Based in RCM), we can expand the system boundaries beyond the asset, to include environmental, conditional, operational, and configuration knowledge.

Some examples of these relationships include:

  • How much does environmental conditions affect corrosion rates?
  • How much does increased duty reduce the life of wear components?
  • How do higher temperatures affect insulation breakdown?

Once we understand the relationships between an asset and it's interfaces to surrounding systems, we can then perform analysis with greater certainty, and answer "What if" questions.

CMMS / EAM Systems are not currently designed to capture and utilize the knowledge required for Level 2 and Level 3.


Our analytics can be run live or on demand to present the latest predicted:

  • budgets,
  • risks,
  • spares usage,
  • maintenance strategy,
  • operational strategy,
  • intervention recommendations,
  • and more...