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Asset Analytics Dashboard
Asset Model build and collaboration

Build asset models. Share knowledge. Converge on an industry standard.

Account for any variable, and capture decision making logic in a repeatable and re-deployable way. By using our RCMD framework, you don't need to re-invent the wheel.

Analyse. Optimise. Solve.

Optimise your maintenance and operational strategies, manage risk, cost and more using our streamlined process. Go from data and asset customisation, to actionable outputs in a matter of minutes, with just a few clicks.
Asset Analytics and Analysis results
Outputs for decision making

Make informed decisions

Generate plans, budgets and predictions using our standard formats - or create your own.


Earn credits by contributing
Learn, share, collaborate and build
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Per Analysis Run / Per Asset
Analyse and make decisions
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Integrations / Live / Digital Twin
Custom analysis and outputs

A collaboration and asset analytics platform for asset management professionals and reliability engineers.

We give industry the ability to perform advanced asset analytics in-house, free from the associated resource burden and costly software purchases. We have focused on producing a simple platform for industry collaboration, that does not require specialist knowledge or skills to start producing usable outputs. Our knowledge base is open source, allowing users to scrutinise and improve industry's current thinking.

Our analytics allow asset management teams to collaborate and make decisions faster

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