SPS optimised maintenance plans

How Modla helped Barwon Water optimise their maintenance for Sewage Pump Stations using existing asset models
SPS optimised maintenance plans


Barwon Water used Modla’s existing asset library model for Sewage Pump Stations (SPS) to produce optimised maintenance plans for their ~200 Sewage Pump Stations. Various scenarios were ran to validate the value added by their current maintenance plan, as well as optimisations that can be made.

Asset Models: Sewage Pump Stations

Solvers: Current Plan, Optimised Plan

Outputs: PowerBI and Excel

More information on asset models can be found here.

More information on solvers can be found here.

Project objectives

Primary objective: to develop a risk and context informed maintenance plan for each SPS within the fleet

Secondary objective: to contribute to an open-source asset model knowledge base, to enable organizations share knowledge and learnings.

What was done

Barwon Water Scope

Asset Data

  • Compiled by Barwon Water from existing SPS info
  • Rolled individual pump data up to a SPS facility level
  • Excluded odour control, backup generators, surge protection etc. from analysis.


  • Override the default costs for tasks where unit rates were provided.
  • Add specific costs for each pump based on flow rates

Criticality Data

  • Used existing criticality assessment results and tied to blockage causing events
  • Added in electrical risks to failures that have a safety risk exposure


  • Ran the entire SPS fleet to failure, replacing only on failure event, to baseline the risk profile (Dashboard deliverable)
  • Ran the current plan of Yearly Electrical, Yearly Mechanical inspections, to determine value add of tasks. (Dashboard deliverable)
  • Ran the Optimiser over the Electrical and Mechanical inspections to adjust for operation, condition, environment, cost and consequences. (Dashboard eliverable) This optimisation considered the next 5 years only.
  • Reviewed the recommended strategy from the optimiser, and manually adjusted some task intervals where it enabled easier planning, with minimal cost downside(slightly less optimal but easier to schedule/bundle)
  • Ran the adjusted strategy and reviewed the results (Dashboard deliverable)
  • Exported the SPS to task timing relationships to excel


  • The Modla library asset model for SPSs was vetted and improved by Barwon Water SMEs.
  • Optimised maintenance plans were produced for ~200 SPSs.
  • Identified where the maintenance plans should vary from baseline.
  • $250K worth of value added over 5 years.
  • Improvement opportunities across Data, Model and Solvers were identified.
Sewage Pump Station Maintenance Plans


Barwon water and Modla worked together to:

  • Implement requested improvements to the underlying SPS model.
  • Collect data required to utilise the analytics platform.
  • Generate, understand and validate the results.
  • Agreed on an improved maintenance plan for the next 5 years, that considers consequence, cost, condition, and environmental factors.

Modla engineers assisted throughout the process to ensure the stated objectives were achieved.

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