Distribution Assets

Informing capital plans for poles, cross arms and conductor replacement using highest likelihood of failure and risk approaches.
Distribution Assets


Modla was engaged by Northpower to explore and demonstrate how a knowledge first architecture (KFA) can be used to automate "data to decisions" processes, as well as explore the asset model build processes. The use case was basic prioritisation informing capital planning and replacement programs by connecting poles, conductors and crossarms models, to Northpower data in a way that can be automated and scaled.

Asset Models

Northpower lead the development of a Poles model, as well as updating existing crossarms and conductor models. These models are part of the electricity distribution open library, and are licenced under the creative commons (SA) licence.


The solvers used included the use of an existing a run to failure solver, which produced the conditional, probabalistic, and risk profiles required for input to capital plans and replacement programs.


The outputs were created as CSV, to first prove the process. These CSV's are to be used as data overlays in Northpower's Geospatial Information System (GIS). The intent is to automate the entire process using the modla API, integrating with Northpower's data lake at a future date.


This project proved the scalability, and capability of a Knowledge-First architecture and gained process buy-in from the stakeholders. Other asset classes and use cases are now under consideration for applying this process.

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