Not your typical APM

Asset Performance Management based on knowledge capital

What is an Asset Performance Management (APM)?

A broad range of solutions with different feature sets and functionalities are all categorised as APM solutions. While confusing, at their core, they all aim to maximise the value added by operational assets. This is achieved by increasing availability, minimising maintenance costs or reducing the risk of failure through better visibility and analytics. In addition, the solutions typically provide a framework to implement and ensure relevant standards and regulations are conformed to.

How is Modla different?

While Modla has the same fundamental goal, our vision addresses a few key gaps. Unlike other tools, which lock you into a rigid process and one type of analysis (e.g. Monte-carlo, MILP, condition based, risk based, value based etc.), Modla can utilise all of these approaches. It evolves as your organisation matures. The modla platform can be used for simple prioritisation and rules based approaches, all the way through to a prescriptive system that utilises optimisation techniques and AI. Our solution has been developed to accompany you on your asset management journey. We enable you to implement processes familiar to you and ramp up the complexity steadily over time. We pride ourselves on our ability to create analytical solutions to your specific problems.

Secondly, our platform has the ability to optimise across OPEX and CAPEX to establish an optimal TOTEX strategy for an asset or system. We're enabling optimisation across maintenance and renewals at the activity level to ensure you derive the most value from your assets over their entire life cycle.

Lastly, we capture SME and asset knowledge in a manner allowing you to leverage its value in an automated manner. Our offering bridges the gap between asset data and executable strategies by codifying the manner in which your SMEs would utilise and even share data. Our objective is not to replace resources, but free up their time to better focus their efforts.