Open letter to water utilities

Invitation for water utilities to collaborate on building an open knowledge base for the water industry.
August 6, 2021
Dane Boers
Open letter to water utilities

We all want to make the best decisions possible by considering all the information we have. We want to make decisions that maximise value while meeting our strategic objectives. But the problem is that we don't have enough time, money, and resources to continually weigh up and analyse all these variables.

A lack of time and resources leads to imperfect decisions, costing companies their competitive edge. To free resources, asset analytics and decision making must be automated. This can be done simply with our new pioneering online asset analytics platform, Modla.

You can ensure your organization makes the best decisions by incorporating your data and the latest industry information and thinking. Our innovative approach to asset decision making streamlines and simplifies any analytical approach by using a unique framework based upon proven industry methods.

In its simplest form, Modla is a platform for building models, performing analytics, and presenting results. But we do it differently, our unique and automated analytical offering is tailored to the complexities of your assets and your organization. This allows you to understand and account for every variable, whether it's environmental, operational, conditional, or asset specific considerations. We use this data to manage your risks, costs, and strategy to maximize your asset performance and ultimately increase your bottom line. With our unique approach we're breaking the asset analytics mould by promoting the overdue shift away from labour intensive analyses and bringing scalability, quality, and affordability to online asset analytics.

The vision is simple:

(1) Build a place where industry can learn and share ideas, data and understanding of their assets.

(2) Store it in a framework so you can use it to answer any business question you have anywhere and anytime.

(3) Make it easy to use, fast, and inexpensive.

We want you to be able to analyse your assets entirely in-house, without the need to purchase costly software or use consultants. There are other solutions out there, but they're slow, labour-intensive,not scalable, and most importantly not transparent. We believe that having a transparent and documented understanding of an asset or decision allows others to understand and challenge it. This fuels our core value of continuous improvement.

We're getting traction with Australian water utilities, helping them optimize maintenance and capital plans, understanding their risks, and developing job plans and budgets. Those we're working with are sharing their knowledge on our platform for others to learn from, improve, and use. But we need more utilities who share our vision to join us.

We're asking you to stop working in isolation and dive into a new age of collaboration and automated asset analytics with us.

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