Modla integrates with Northpower NZ, using AWS Eventbridge, Cognito and Lambda.

Modla, Northpower and AWS develop repeatable integration during a 4 day Hackathon.
March 29, 2023
Dane Boers
Integration using AWS

In March 2023, Northpower, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Modla ran a 4 day Hackathon.

The objective was to develop and prove out an integration between Modla's analytics platform and Northpower's existing IT infrastructure. The architectural pattern, once proved, will form the common integration pattern for all of Northpowers SaaS partners going forward.

The resulting architecture was developed, proven and tested:

Asset Analytics Integration using AWS

(This) has been a very interesting last few days and I have been amazed to see the results of the datalab. The future potential for this work is very exciting and looking forward to continuing the development with Modla.
Michael Gibbs - General Manager - Network Investment & Strategy (Northpower)

The elements are:

1) Data gathering, and put into a datalake Raw layer (DL1).

2) Transformation and staging into a datalake Standardised layer (DL2)

3) Triggering of calls to 3rd party providers (Modla) using AWS Lambda

4) Processing by the 3rd Party

5) Completion of processing notifies Northpower using EventBridge

6) Retrieval of results and publishing them to the datalake Standardised layer (DL2) using AWS Lambda.

7) Enrichment of the data using various other sources and publishing the results to the datalake Enriched layer (DL3) using AWS Lambda.

8) Display of enriched data using BI or geospatial reporting tools, such as PowerBI, GIS, or Amazon Athena.